Wright Middle School STEAM Magnet

School Profile

Orville Wright Middle/Aerospace Magnet School is part of the Los Angeles Unified School District’s Local District 3.  Within the school campus we have two schools, the community school and the Math, Science, Aerospace Magnet.  Collectively within the two schools ethnic make-up consists of 64.7% African American, .5% American Indian, 2.5% Asian, 1.1% Filipino, 20.7% Hispanic, .5% Pacific Islander, and 10/1% White (non-Hispanic).

Within the population of the schools, special categories of students exist and are often programmed into a specially designed school day in order to meet their specific educational needs.  Categories include Special Day Classes (SDC), Resource Specialist Program (RSP), English Language Learners (ELL), and Developing Readers and Writers Program (DRWP).

Some of the specially designed school days that are involved include a two-hour reading writing block for the DRWP students which uses the LANGUAGE Program to help students close the achievement gap.  A sheltered program for our ELL students with smaller class sizes and a highly qualified teacher is available for those designated students.   A full inclusion program with the support of the RSP teacher and participation in the learning lab for those RSP students is there to assist these students and lastly, we provide two fully self-contained autistic classes.

Out Math/Science Aerospace Magnet provides an academically oriented program in a smaller learning community in which students of ethnically diverse backgrounds can grow intellectually, socially and emotionally.  The Magnet provides services to students who are gifted, general education students, Developing Readers and Writers, as well as resource students in the Special Education program.

Magnet students are assisted in achieving their maximum potential through small group activities settings, emphasizing individualized, child-centered instruction coupled with enrichment experiences.

The magnet offers an opportunity for close student-parent-staff communication and team building among the stakeholders.  Participation in the magnet program is offered through an application process called Choices.  An application is mailed to residents of the Los Angeles Unified School District who have children enrolled in our District late in the fall semester with a specified deadline for applying.

Additional classroom support for all students is available through the services of a full time librarian, a Title I Computer Lab and RSP Learning Lab.  Within the Magnet program, a Flight Simulator Lab is offered to allow students a real-life application of math and science standards.