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Positive Behavior Support

Character Values: Be R.E.A.L"- Respect, Empathy, Ambition, Leadership
These are the qualities we cultivate with-in the members of our school community during their experience with us. We have monthly grade level award ceremonies that highlight & acknowledge both their academic and social achievements.
Restorative Practices
Community circles are implemented to help foster responsible, ethical student behavior. This is just one of the strategies we use to reinforce our student-centered learning community, and how we address issues of classroom management, classroom discipline and school-wide behavior.  
Socio-emotional Support
The Wright faculty/staff acknowledges the fragile nature of the middle school years. It can be an exciting and difficult time.  Students are faced with increased academic demands and social pressures. Here's a list of services offered to our students to help them navigate their intrapersonal and interpersonal processes:  DiDi Hirsch counseling, Marina counseling, School Counselor, School Psychologist, School Speech Therapist, Art Resiliency Therapy(LMU Psychologists) and Foster Youth counselor.
Definition: Bullying is defined as aggressive behavior that involves an imbalance of real or perceived physical or psychological power among those involved. Typically, the behavior is repeated over time and includes the use of hurtful words and/or acts.
How to deal with bullying:
  • Tell your parents or other trusted adults. They can help stop the bullying.
  • If you are bullied at school, tell your teacher, school counselor or principal. Telling is not tattling.
  • Don’t fight back. Don’t try to bully those who bully you.
  • Try not to show anger or fear. Students who bully like to see that they can upset you.
  • Calmly tell the student to stop…or say nothing and then walk away.
Bottom line - Always tell an adult because bullies generally do not go away. If someone is bullying you, most likely they are doing it to someone else also!