Wright Middle School STEAM Magnet


Every student starts each day with Advisory, where they will hear school-wide announcements, Breakfast in the Classroom, attend school-wide or grade level assemblies, and teach Digital Citizenship.


Academic/Homework Help 

(Open to 8th grade)

This advisory is designed to support 8th grade students who need additional academic and emotional support in their quest to promote.  Students will work on their homework, receive extra instruction in all subject grades, and learn to monitor their own progress on Schoology. 


RobotAdvanced Robotics

(Open to students who have completed one semester of Robotics)

Students will continue to trace the history, development, and influence of automation and robotics as they learn about mechanical systems, energy transfer, machine automation, and computer control systems. Students use the VEX Robotics® platform to design, build, and program real-world objects such as windmills, traffic lights, toll booths, robotic arms, and various styles of vehicles.


Art Appreciation

(Open to all grades)

This advisory is designed to give students a sampling of art projects that emphasize the elements of art (line, form, color, value, texture), the principles of art (balance, variety, harmony, emphasis) and the opportunity to explore a variety of media, techniques and methods.  Understanding and appreciation of self and others through art history, culture, and heritage is emphasized using a variety of media and techniques to create an active learning experience.


Associated Student Body (Leadership)

(Open to all grades)

ASB is a form of student government for middle school to develop leadership skills. It represents the interests and goals of the entire Wright MS School student body. Students in ASB work hard before, during, and throughout the school year planning, organizing, and participating in such activities as formal and informal dances, Spirit Week, grade-level competitions, cultural events, and Staff Recognition throughout the year. Students must maintain high academic and citizenship grades to remain in the class and are additionally required to work approximately 10 hours each month outside of the class.  To become a part of ASB Leadership students must campaign to be elected by popular vote.


Beginning Strength and Weight Training

(Open to 8th grade)

This course introduces the fundamental skills of weight training for personal fitness. Emphasis will be placed on proper techniques, muscle groups, nutrition, and the overall benefit of strength and weight training. By the end of the school year, students should have a primary understanding of the proper techniques and basics of weight lifting and muscle group strengthening, proper nutrition and its role in the development of physical fitness, and the benefits of a lifelong weight training program. 


Brain Games

(Open to all grades)

Do you like a challenge? Are you a problem-solver? Do you wonder how the mind works & how it seems to play tricks on you?   Come check out Brain Games and exercise your mind to discover new concepts, defy science, and manipulate the environment.  This advisory integrates all concepts of STEAM and will unlock the Engineer in your student.



(Open to all grades)

Students must enjoy working with computers and/or gaming. They’re required to do a few mandatory assignments per semester. Students learn the basics of coding, how to create websites and games from scratch and how to analyze meta-data. The advisory provides students with a fundamental understanding of coding.


DJ Music Lab

(To be a member of this group you must have completed one semester of this course under the instruction of Mr. Brinkley, or demonstrate your effectiveness using the Numark Mix Track II Pro and iPad - iMachine music application)


Students that join this advisory are Wright’s designated DJ’s for dances/ social events. They must be available to perform occasionally during/ after school for special events. They’re required to do a showcase event per semester demonstrating proficiency in mixing, scratching and blending. Performances are on the outdoor stage (Lunch time DJ performance) or in the auditorium (Music Lab Showcase).


Glee Club

(Open to all grades)

The Glee Club is the chorus at WMS and is in its third year at Wright.  Many participating students are in instrumental music and or theater classes. There are many more who participate in other electives. Many of our club members join Wright’s Audio Recording Technology (A.R.T) club. It is there that they get an opportunity to work in the studio with a Sound Engineer/ Producer, to create their own music.


The chorus is lead by a student board of elected representation.  Solos are assigned by audition only. All are welcome to join upon approval from Ms. Maureas but you must be a singer. You don't have to be good but you have to love to sing. A supportive attitude is an absolute must, no exceptions!


Students in the Glee Club participate in Wright Middle School Arts department performances and other engagements in the community. The Glee Club was recently invited and participated in the GMCLA "It Gets Better" stage performance at the Wallis Annemburg Center for the Performing Arts. Students participate in Glee Chorus along side other electives including instrumental music, theater and other course offerings.


Mathletes (2017-18)

Do you love the thrill of solving a problem?  Do you love working with others?  Is math your favorite subject, but you always lie and say you like PE best?  If you answered YES to any of these questions then come join us in Wright MS's first ever Mathletes club!  We plan to compete in two math competitions in the 2017-2018 school year.  Math Geeks Unite! 


Science Olympiad Team

(Open to all grades)

The Science Olympiad tournaments are rigorous academic interscholastic competitions that consist of a series of individual and team events, which students prepare for during the year. The competitions follow the format of popular board games, TV shows and athletic games.


These challenging and motivational events are balanced between the various science disciplines of biology, earth science, chemistry, physics, computers and technology. They require knowledge of science facts, concepts, processes, skills and science applications. In addition, during the day there are open house activities that consist of science and mathematics demonstrations, activities and career counseling sessions conducted by professors and scientists at the host institution.


Participants must be able to commit to after school classes, in addition to the main science Olympiad event in February, which is held at Occidental college.


Stage Crew

(Open to all grades)

The Wright Arts Department offers a very special advisory for students with an interest in working behind the scenes in our fabulous theatre and music productions.  Students will gain hands on experience in set construction, scenic painting, costume design, and working as a collaborative backstage unit to support our arts productions. 


Yoga and Meditation 

(Open to all grades)

This class is led by Monique DeLoach, a certified yoga instructor at Loyola Marymount with ten years of meditation practice.  It will help students improve confidence and relationships with friends and parents, build self-esteem, increase focus and build mental and physical strength.