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Welcome to Wright Steam Magnet and to Mr. Cummings 7th grade World History Class. Please subscribe to my page for updated info on assignments and test dates. I encourage parents and students to subscribe. It is my destiny to provide a well structured and encouraging environment for student learning. Lets all become Historians in our adventure to secure our future and to learn from the past. Feel free to email me if you have any questions at bdc8537@lausd.net. Look forward to hearing from you and to a successful school year for the 2015 thru 2016 year.

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Advisory sustained reading/homework

Although advisory is when we eat breakfast in the morning, keep in mind it is not for the entire period. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are 32 minute periods in which 15 minutes is allowed for breakfast, 2 minutes for clean up, and 15 minutes of sustained reading or homework. This is the time for students to ask questions about homework, study, and complete their work. By allowing this during advisory students will have 45 minutes a week of class time to complete their work away from home. Please take advantage of this added time for growth and enrichment of your studies. No free time is given during advisory.

Study Habits.

One area of growth that occurs during our middle school years is the growth in our study habits. 7th grade is normally the start of this activity that will be something that students will develop and use throughout their educational lives. I encourage that we spend at least 20-30 minutes a night studying your notes, vocabulary, and worksheets to be prepared for our assessments. You will find that practicing this habit will ease the burden in preparing for our examinations, plus it will give you time to think about and formulate adequate rebuttals to historical information.

Rome test date.

Dear parents and students of Mr. Cummings 7th grade World History class. The Ancient Rome test was dated for Friday 9/4/15 which was an error. The date was to be for 9/2/15 for period 2 and 4. 9/3/15 for period 3 and 5. 9/8/15 for period 6. Sorry for the error. Students will have an extended review in class before the test by way of class activity. Mr. Cummings.

Full Heading.

Students make sure all work that is turned in contains a full heading.
Full Name.
Subject, period.
Quite a few assignments have been turned in that only contains the first name, no date and period, or no name at all. To make sure that everyone will obtain full credit for assignments we need to have a full heading. Be sure to review all work before you turn it in and to also check for a full heading. See you in class! Mr. Cummings.  

Interactive notebooks.

Parents and students please bring a interactive notebook to class daily. Your interactive notebook can be 3 subject to 5 subject. Daily work such as the following must be included in your interactive notebook:
1. Daily journals.
2. Homework.
3. Classwork.
4. Test and quizzes.
5. Notes (Cornell notes and teacher led notes)
It is best to organize your notebook into sections to place your assignments into by way of tabs and dividers. A well organized notebook will count as 20 points towards your grade each grading period.