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iPad Fine Chart

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Student Ipad Fine Form




Students must report any damage or loss to the Ipad to the school site designee, who will determine the course of action. All manufacturer defects are covered by a warranty. The warranty does not cover loss, negligence, and abuse. For example, carelessly dropping the iPad, or throwing the iPad would be considered examples of neglect and abuse. According to these guidelines you/your child is responsible for any damage that may have been caused to the Ipad device.



Financial Responsibility

The District will cover standard maintenance and repairs. In the event of abuse, destruction or loss of an iPad, the student will be billed for the full amount of the iPad, $699


Please see specific lose/damaged cost below:






iPad Screen (Cracked/Shattered)


iPad Charger (Power Block)


iPad (USB Cable)


iPad Case




*Any fines that do not get taken care of will prevent you from being able to participate in culminating activities.