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Hi and welcome to the Wright music program. I am happy to be your music teacher. I hold a bachelor's degree in Ethnomusicology from UCLA and a master's degree from NYU in jazz performance and composition. I have been teaching music in public schools since 2001 both in California and New York. I am a flute player, composer but my best creation is my son Theo.

In the 2016-2017 school year we celebrated the "A" in STEAM through arts electives, clubs and specialty advisories at Wright Middle school. In October Glee Chorus, drum line and Jazz Band performed for 350 5th grade students at our "Day in the Life of a Sea Hawk" pep rally.  We had two productions, three concerts a ESC West district festival and fourth of July parade appearance that featured a instrumental music, jazz band, drumline and glee chorus. We went from performing five times last year to nine performance opportunities! The "Grinch Who Stole" production started our year off strong and we hosted fifth graders from local elementary schools on December 10th.
In January Glee Chorus was treated to a master class at UCLA by the leads in the production of Kurt Weill's "Into the Stars". The chorus was joined by only one other LAUSD school the HArt's Academy High School. Our students were able to sing for the cast and share inspiration. Students and their families were also given tickets to the opening night of the production in Royce Hall. . Later that January the arts team was informed that we had been awarded another generous Flourish Foundation Grant to fully fund our spring production. This allowed our department to hire a professional choreographer and to fully fund our music coach, Mr. Mike. Thank you Flourish Foundation! Our Spring Arts Production of  "The Lion King Jr. " featured the was our first full musical, was a our largest production to date and  was a huge success!

I will be offering courses in beginning instruments (winds and strings), advanced instruments (winds and strings) and a semester long course covering media in Media/Music Design Lab. Instrumental music courses are a year long elective where as the media/music design class is a semester long class. Since we are a project based learning community ALL instrumental music classes participate in PBL in addition to our regular semester arts programs. As a participant in instrumental music students collaborate to make one semester project. Students get an hour of instructional time to learn how to use music technology that may include: I Movie, Garage Band, I Motion and other plat forms. Students design and share ring tones, compose original music and make short films. Students learn about various styles of music, film making and media professions. These projects strengthen not only students' 21st Century Skills (Communication, Collaboration, Creativity and Critical Thinking) , they also strengthen music notation, literacy cultural awareness, and student understanding of arts professions. The aforementioned activities occur as part of our regular days for fifteen weeks and are bolstered by once weekly music/cultures lessons on Tuesdays. The Media/Music Design Lab and Instrumental music classes will present their products using the Buck Institute's format of collaborative groups and presentations. Since all instrumental music classes are a year long these classes create only one product where as the semester long Music Design Lab creates four project with a culminating final project that lasts eight weeks.

I will still be offering jazz band (at lunch) and of course the "Beat Hawks" our school drum line (after school on Mondays) and there are spaces available .  Our very own 15-16 Glee Club President won $500 at the Westchester 8th grade rotary arts competition and eleven out of the twelve participants were Wright Arts students! Some of our alumni are now in the Arts Academy at Hamilton High School, the LAUSD Conservatory, Venice High School, University High and LACES. Last summer Daija Dolberry was selected and participated in the Grammy Summer arts intensive and Avi Goldberg was in Jazz Camp in New York!
Wright Middle school is honored to have many community ties including the "Flourish Foundation", Fedco Community Grants, GMCLA and the Inner City Youth Orchestra of Los Angeles. Mr. Charles Dickerson joined our strings classes early this year to provide a workshop for students. I am still in awe of our students. 

Below are links to examples of different instrument demonstrations. Please browse the music design pages and watch our semester videos to get a good idea of what comprises the Music Design Lab semester course. If you have any questions please feel free to email me. I am looking forward to making music with you! GO Seahawks!!!!
This is the Glee Chorus trip to UCLA to be part of a workshop with the lead singers of "Lost in the Stars". Students were treated to performances, invited to discuss music and art. Students visited UCLA and had lunch on Bruin walk. We were even treated to free tickets to the performance on January 28th! We thank CAP UCLA for this tremendous opportunity! The GMCLA Chorus also visited Wright and gave a tremendous performance assembly for the student body. GMCLA shared music and stories that made a significant impact on our school community. Thank you GMCLA!

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WMS Dedication

Wright Middle School Band students felt so bad about the tragedy in Vegas that this was their reaction. They wanted to make a "second line" to play the souls lost up to heaven.

Wright Middle School Art and Animation Summer Bridge class

Here you will view products resulting from the four day summer bridge class. On day one students learned about Garage Band, I Stop Motion and I Movie. The kids then created name art using all three programs together. On day two we finished sharing the name art films. After sharing through "Air play" students discussed the different jobs people can have on a film production. Then students joined together to make four film crews. They divided up labor and developed story boards. After this the entire class engaged in a "Gallery Walk" of the initial proposals and offered constructive criticism posting the comments on each proposal. At the end of day two students prepared what they would need to bring and to begin filming on day three. When day three began students we assigned an additional task of developing a trailer for their movie and we also given rubrics as to what their movie should include. They were informed that the movies would be screened for the other Summer bridge class in the end of day four at a film festival. Students spent the morning constructing sets, props and developing action scenes. After the break students presented initial footage and gained more feedback from the class on how to proceed. Then the entire class engaged in a brief discussion on editing techniques in I Movie for their films. On day four students spent the entire morning finishing their films and in the afternoon they presented the films to our guests. Students also helped prepare popcorn concessions, a welcome sign and gallery of props. You will see highlights of the four day class in this film. The summer bridge "Art and Animation" class is a condensed version of the "Music and Media" elective offered every semester as part of the arts department.

Wright's got Arts!!! We put the "A" in STEAM

Hi Future Hawks, By watching this video you'll get a good idea the arts department offerings at Wright STEAM Magnet. The course electives include beginning and advanced; orchestra, band and theater. We also have music/media design, DJ Class. In addition we have lots of specialty advisories, it's like having two electives! The specialized advisories include; Glee Chorus, Stage Crew, ASB, Year Book and Science Olympiad.In addition to great arts we have Robotics, Flight and Space to name a few others! If you have further questions about the arts please email me at elleni.maureas@wrightms.org or RyAnne Gardner our magnet coordinator at rmg7430@wrightms.org. We would love to create with you.

"We Are the World" Finale, as performed by the WrightMS arts department

This is the finale from our Spring show. I am so incredibly proud of our students. I loved having a live pops orchestra (of WMS students) accompanying our awesome Glee Chorus and Cast. There wasn't a dry eye folks. I can't wait for next year, although loving summer too! To future sea hawks, this finale is a really good reason to come join us at Wright this fall of 2016.

"See You Again" as performed by the WrightMS Glee Chorus

The following video is a farewell and thank you to our retirees! We love you Ms Clary and Ms. Leduff. All those who contributed did a fantastic job and I can tell you that this video was very much enjoyed.

Wright Middle School plays "Hot Line Bling"

The band has had this arrangement for two weeks! We are on our way.

Wright MS "It Gets Better" PSA

In this video you will hear our students in Glee chorus express the best part of our Wright pride moto "Be REAL" Respect Empathy Ambition and Leadership. Enjoy and a special thank you to GMCLA for making this experience possible!

Bach Chorale warm up performed by the WMS Band

Students in this band class have been playing for more than one year. We started this Chorale in August and we have improved quite a bit. Come hear more of our accomplishments at the upcoming Holiday Concert on December 11, 2015.

(subject to change)
"The Nightmare Before Christmas"
(Art Department PBL)
December 7th 9:30 am
December 8th       6:30 pm 
community performance
"Winter Arts Fest"  6:00 pm
December 12th
beginning ensembles, fashion and DJ classes