Wright Middle School STEAM Magnet

Electives In Depth

(Daily class, 8
th grade students only)
As a yearlong elective course, Spanish I, is an introduction to the Spanish language and culture of the Spanish speaking world. Students begin to develop skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening. Students will begin the study of the vocabulary and grammatical structures of the Spanish language. They will also learn about the products, practices and perspectives of Spanish speakers, in order to foster cultural awareness and sensitivity.



(Open to 7th & 8th grades)

The Yearbook program is a rare, hands-on educational experience that should appeal to students with a wide variety of interests. The class will immerse students in, photography, graphic design, journalism, business management, marketing, and communication. Although a camera is available, it is best if each student has access to his or her own digital camera/hi-resolution camera phone, as many of their images will be uploaded to the platform from home via a personal computer. Images/articles will be critiqued and amended on the computers during school.


Fashion Art Design

Fashion Art Design (FAD) is an innovative approach to give students a deeper understanding of the fashion world. From analyzing historical influence on modern trends to eco-friendly fashion shows that emphasize reduce, reuse, recycle designs to crazy themes, this class stitches together learning and creative application for results that everyone can enjoy (including the parents, peers and teachers who are invited to attend the bi-annual fashion shows). Previous fashion experience is not a prerequisite. To ensure that all students are positively acclimated, the semester begins with smaller projects (i.e. design and relevance of Mardi Gras masks) along with an introduction to basic sewing. This hands-on approach encourages students to explore their creative side and gives them the confidence to dig into bigger projects later in the semester, which includes an entire outfit. It is our goal that students will leave Fashion Art Design class with a greater appreciation for the depths of fashion and the optimism to venture deeper!


Music Lab

Students will learn the basics of DJing and music production utilizing computers, software and other related materials. The focus will primarily be in using Midi controlled devices and software to learn the basics of being a DJ as well as basic techniques of sound engineering. Students will learn the art and terminology of DJing (mixing songs, blending music, creating remixes, beat matching, cutting and scratching) through both written lessons, lectures, video presentations, guided practice and independent practice with both the hardware (Numark Mixtrack Pro 2) and the software, (Serato DJ

Intro), performance and creating instrumental tracks as well as learning basic music theory and DJ history.


Instrumental Music Program

The instrumental music program is a yearlong course. Many students from beginning ensembles return all three years to continue learning music in advanced ensembles. If your child participates in instrumental music, they're able to check out an instrument for loan. All maintenance of Wright MS instruments are executed by the LAUSD instrument repair shop. The program was re-established by our teacher Ms. Eleni Maureas who started her career in education in 2001. She has obtained two credentials in music, a MA in Jazz Performance from New York University, is a National Board Candidate and is a 2017 Grammy Educator Award Quarter Finalist.



Students can take a wind or percussion instrument. Incoming students who already play an instrument may be placed in advanced band. Instruments taught include: clarinet, bass clarinet, flute, alto sax, tenor and Bari sax, trumpet, trombone, French horn, baritone, tuba, piano and drums.



Beginning strings instruments include violin, viola and cello. At Wright we will issue you an instrument free of charge and repairs are free. Students are responsible for weekly practice, taking their assigned instrument home over the weekend. Beginning strings is a yearlong elective. Students perform in two concerts per year, one per semester.

To participate advanced orchestra, student must have one or more years of playing experience. Orchestra students learn to play music from the classical and contemporary repertoire. Orchestra is a yearlong elective and students perform in two concerts.

We are very fortunate to be joined twice a week by an additional instructor, Mr. Mike. Students are able to get specific instruction in smaller groups on their instruments.


Introduction to Theatre

The purpose of this course is to provide students with an opportunity to study the art of theatre, including theatre history, acting, dramatic literature, production techniques and stage design. Students will have the opportunity to increase their proficiency in acting, directing, playwriting, stage management, design, and technical theatre skills through performance projects. Students will learn improvisation techniques, stage movement, voice and diction, pantomime, and how to create a character. Students will demonstrate their learning in all aspects of theatre through the production of scenes, short plays, student-written works and/or full productions of plays and/or musicals for school and community audiences.


Advanced Theatre

The purpose of this course is to provide an opportunity for intermediate and advanced middle school theatre students to increase proficiency in acting, directing, playwriting, stage management, design, house management, business management and technical theatre skills through production. This hands-on course will provide a balanced theatre arts program that will guide students to achieve the California State Standards in Theatre, emphasizing artistic perception, creative expression, aesthetic valuing, historical and cultural awareness and the interconnections of the arts and other disciplines. Students will apply theatre arts skills in acting, directing, management, playwriting, designing, budgeting, publicity and stagecraft to all aspects of theatre in the production of festival scenes, one-act plays, student-written works and/or full productions of plays and/or musicals for school and community audiences.