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Hot Supper Meals at Wright

In partnership with the Food Services Division, our school has implemented a "Hot Supper Program!"


The Food Services Division currently runs a Supper program that provides a cold meal after school to all interested students and anyone in the community (up to the age of 18 or individuals of any age if disabled). With the Hot Supper Expansion Program, the goal is to provide ALL students easy access to hot supper meals! This program is designed to fill the nutritional gap and to combat the rising number of students going to bed hungry at night. We are happy to be working with the Food Services Division to bring you this exciting opportunity!


How does it work?

Each day after the bell rings, students will have the opportunity to obtain a Supper meal from several pre-determined locations on the campus (Ex: Cafeteria and mobile carts). Each student will select a meal and eat the meal on campus. We ask that parents encourage their students to participate, eat in the designated eating areas, and clean up after themselves by throwing their trash away.


Can a child take the food home?

NO. Student must eat the meal at the designated eating area on campus. Due to Federal Regulations meals cannot be taken off campus.


What foods are served in the Hot Supper Expansion Program?

All entrees will be hot, nourishing, and student friendly. Examples of the entree menu are the Cafe LA Burger, Burrito, and Mini Double Dogs.


NOTE: If your child requires a special diet per doctor's orders, please speak with your Food Services Manager. If your child already has a modified breakfast or lunch meal, one can be provided for supper as well. If you need to fill out a "Medical Statement to Request Special Diet" form your manager can provide it to you.


What are the advantages of the Hot Supper Expansion Program?

Students who may not have access to healthy or nutritiously adequate meals when they leave school will have another opportunity to eat a hot healthy supper meal. Additionally, since the program is open to the community, family members 18 years of age or below or any age if disabled, will also have access to hot and nutritious meals!


Please note: Participation is voluntary.

If you have any questions, please feel call the Food Services Division at 213-241-2956.

Thank you for your support!