Wright Middle School STEAM Magnet

Wright MS presents Ebenezer

The program features the advanced classes of theater, band, orchestra and jazz band. In addition the cast includes the specialty advisories of Glee Chorus and Stage Crew. A cast of 150 Wright Middle School students running and participating in this student centered production! To bring Charles Dicken's to life our talented kiddos have created beautiful sets, styled costumes, crafted superb acting and dance sequences. To bring Dicken's England to Wright Middle School we have leveled up through the emotional context of the musical selections drawing on hits from Motown's Christmas portfolio. We hope that this invites the audience to groove and sing a long Ebenezer's journey as they enjoy such hits as "Someday at Christmas", "This Christmas" to name a few.  All of the aforementioned elements culminates the PBL presentation for three classes.